More hiking on 'Eua



Despite of this high tech washing line (imitation prohibited, tonga patent) my clothes do not get dry very quickly. But today there is nothing too special on my agenda.



While Taina and little Chrissy are busy in their rather spacious kitchen...



Louisa and Lui are waiting for the next deluge...



and Maile, the second cook is preparing dinner for the group that just arrived. Maile is an expert in making 4 course meals on two cooking elements.



The is the result of her magic. A comfy table round for the freshly arrived guests, who had a very rough passage to by boat.



The next day all 4 of us are heading to the rock garden. The way is quite long. After some time we decide to take a track of to the right that looks interesting. We follow a step ladder down into a magic valley with a banana plantation. On the bottom are many smaller caves. We walk through the plantation and meet Petelo. He had worked as a teacher in the USA, Hawaii and New Zealand and now retires here in his plantation far away from any civilization. He is very surprise to see us. He shows us the right path and gives us plenty of nice bananas and a big Papaya.



From here it is only half an hour to the rock garden. A herd of semi-wild horses is looking curiously at us as we approach the rocks. The stallion is always on alert a few meters ahead of the crowd.



In the Rock Garden are a lot of black rocks that are just standing in the middle of nowhere. They look like petrified shrubs.



Or enchanted animals.


The track carries on to some high cliffs, that drop 100m vertically down to the sea. This spot must be a perfect place for whale watching from July to August when there are lots of them swimming past. My weight has



unfortunately upset the balance of the cliff, so that moments later...

More info from the tape that had been recovered on the following pages.

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