The last thing you want to know about 'Eua

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So we walk the same track down through the jungle just a few days later again. This time the local tour guide on our side, equipped with machete and thongs, who is leading a small group of tourists into the valley.



This time we gather some coconuts for lunch.


Tei opens them for us with his bush knife.



The northern part of 'Eua is very steep as well, the cliffs are even a bit higher.



The summit has not much forest and red earth. This shot is cool and explains it all!



and this is an impression out of my new bedroom... I moved into a tent because all the rooms are reserved for a group of nurses from Tongatapu. Unfortunately the tent did not make it through the downpour a few hours ago. When I come home everything (EVERYTHING!!) was soaked. I have to stay the night in the living room and share it with the mosquitos. I have one mosquito coil left, but that was also wet and decides not to burn. When a mosquito acupunctures my brain in the middle of the night, I have the idea that saved my night! I toast the wet coil in the frying pan and shure enough, it burns!!!!.



The next day, I find out that the long hike to the rock garden can be shortened via the the prison road... (similar to Monopoly) Anyway this is an opportunity to tell you that Tonga has a prison, although its appearance reminds more of an aviary. Simply walk through the court yard towards the coast. Somehow a very odd feeling.



This is my last evening on 'Eua. Many thanks to Taina and her family for their hearty hospitality and good energy.



The trip back to Tongatapu is even smoother than the trip down and we soon reach sheltered water.



Back on the main island I go snorkeling just off Pangaimotu, which is directly offshore in the lagoon of Nuku'alofa.
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