Affordable, Professional Webhosting Solutions

I shopped around for quite some time and finally found
the cheapest, yet professional web hosting company

Finding a reliable and affordable webhosting company can be tricky, but does not have to be difficult and risky if you stick to the following simple guidelines:


If you do your own research
- Check for server uptime stats, they should be at least 99%
- Mail them a question and check their support response time at odd hours, max wait 2h
- A good host offers a money back guarantee to warrant customer satisfaction
- The server location is not overly important if your visitors are international
- Make sure your requirements are met, look for more than you actually need at the moment.

For your own peace of mind
- Backup your site’s content regularly. If it comes to the worst you will be able to resurrect your site from this backup on any server in no time.
- Make sure you received the UDAI (Unique Domain Authentication Identifier) from your domain name registrar, without this domain ID you will not be able to administer the domain, just in case something goes terribly wrong.


The perfect host
If you are serious about finding the "perfect" web hosting solution, here it is. Growing demand and increasing site volume over the past 10 years lead me into researching and trialing a number of web hosting companies over that time. I have very good experience with the following web-hosting company and can recommend it, because

- their straight forward service is highly featured and very affordable @ $6.95/month
- the server uptime is 99.9% +
- the support team is fast and responsive, email or phone anytime toll free from anywhere,
- they offer a money back guarantee
- to make your choice easy, that host only has one top of the line hosting plan that satisfies even the most demanding webmaster.
Check out the features list.
- as a special bonus they included, until further notice, free Google Adwords worth $50,
free Yahoo search
services worth $25 and Miva marketing tools worth $50

If you don’t own a domain name yet, you will get your new domain name for free. If you are a webmaster running multiple websites you can host all your domains under one single account and save a lot of money. Unlimited domain hosting plus unlimited data storage sounds almost impossible, but in reality not everyone uses unlimited space so in the end it works out for all parties.

Have a closer look at the complete up to date features list! click here

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