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About Me


Since 1990, Micha Wellnitz and his family live on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. The quiet pace of life and the absence of unnecessary commitments allow him, alongside the daily routine of family life, to indulge in research and exploration. In the course of time a large vegetable garden and an electronics workshop were established besides a wood workshop, where the buns (made from sawdust! remark by the editor) are produced, that provide the livelihood for the family of five. "There are many ideas in my head and they have to be transformed quickly. Therefore I need a lot of different materials and tools."

Recycling is of upmost importance to Micha. In nature, there is no waste or garbage, why is there waste in peoples' environment? (aren't we part of nature too?) "When energy, which's quality is constant change and motion, solidifies and becomes unavailable for a longer period of time, we end up with a problem. Compost is the best example for transformation of waste materials, that's why we have a compost-toilet at home. There is no wastage of water and the ingredients don't have to be exported, but are directly available to benefit the land."

Already in Germany, his country of birth, Micha had established a cabinet-making workshop, where he worked as a freelance artist making individual furniture from solid timber as well as musical instruments.
"The cycles in nature follow the same principles as the vibrations of sound and light, just on a lower octave", this conclusion revealed itself during his research and experiments with simple acoustic musical-instruments and he soon realized that the phenomenon of resonance and energy transformation is universal, reaching far beyond the framework of music in the conventional sense. "Energy and vibrational patterns can be discovered everywhere and the influence on human beings and all life-forms becomes obvious, if one looks in the right places... ". Of particular interest in this context are weather phenomena, air-electricity and so-called 'atmospherics', that have direct correlation to our brain and can induce weather sensitivity and influence our state of well-being. In his electronics lab Micha developed sensitive biocurrent detectors as well as gauges that can display electromagnetic pollution as an acoustic experience. " The ears are our most sensitive organs, giving us a chance to explore the world with enormous precision and depth. Those who hear the noises that we surround ourselves by are waking up!"

Since the beginning of the 1990's, Micha is associated with the BBE institute in Auckland where he completed an Inspector training for electromagnetic pollution. "I see myself as an artist and inventor in this world, New Zealand provides me with a lifestyle, that could probably not easily be found in Europe."

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