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The little booklet that you hold in your hands is the result of nearly 20 years of experience with Spirals. Thousands of them have been created in my wood workshop (not counting the shavings!). My insight into the realm of this magnificent symbol of life and evolution has grown over those years and the emigration with my family to the land of the Koru (New Zealand 1990) has deepened this understanding tremendously. This is neither meant to be a philosophical paper, nor a scientific one; it presents a description of my experiences and thoughts about Spirals, of which many have patiently been waiting for this publication. I am certain, that there is much more to discover about Spirals and I am looking forward to hear about your experiences. For now, I want to invite you to read on.

Micha Wellnitz



The origin of the Spiral
The Fibonacci Spiral
An etymological consideration of the Spiral
The Spiral experience
Mandala and Labyrinth
The centre of the Spiral
Black holes and the Vortex of time
The Spiral as an antenna
The direction of rotation
The ingrowing Spiral
Spirals inside our body
An eggcellent Spiral
The perfect Spiral or the peeled unity
The interlocking threefold Spiral
As above so below
A final conclusion
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The origin of the Spiral

The Spiral is a child of two parents. In order to get a proper understanding of the child, we can take a close look at the parents. Curved is the circle, unity, without beginning or end. This ancient mother is self-contained, as the circle and the sphere are. Similar to the unconscious mind she draws circles, on a fixed course. There is no future and no past, in fact time is not present either. Nothing is new, nothing is old, but an ever recurring continuance, that evokes feelings of peace, tranquility, security and continuity. Like a lullaby, she is calming our human mind, or numbing it, like the monotony of the permanent recurrence of a melody or sound. The circling dances of the Dervishes or the trance-inducing drumbeat of the shamans can also open doors to this world that most of us only experience in the dream images of our night consciousness. This is the female circle, the mother of the Spiral.


You may ask: "Who is the father?" The other parent is unperturbedly hastening through space, trying to traverse infinity. With unbelievable speed, he is traveling from deepest past to furthest future. Without ever reaching his target, he is continuously searching the unknown...



The centre of the Spiral

The closer we approach the centre of the Spiral, the more vehement becomes its angular momentum. At a certain point, the shape gradually spreads into a new dimension, which runs perpendicular to the previous line of propagation. In nature, this can very nicely be observed in the water vortex. The upper section is horizontal and slow moving, while the centre is hair fine and reaches down to great depths in a very fickle movement. At this place, there is not only a superficial transformation process at hand, but also one that affects the molecular level. There seems to exist a state of chaos, where a deep restructuring of the substance can take place with the aid of subtle energies. This gave rise to an interesting field of research, as this part of the vortex is particularly sensitive to the reception of electromagnetic energy.



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