Living Spirals
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The Spiral is the ancient symbol for evolution and progress. It was of great significance in religious initiation rituals in many cultures. Also today, the Spiral lives on. Inside the core of every living cell, the double Spiral of the DNA perfectly organizes and replicates our body. In nature, we encounter this rhythmically pulsating life force in many ways. The spider is weaving its web, in the same way as the snail's shell is built and the fern unrolls its frond. In our atmosphere, giant vortices are being formed. Fast moving whirlwinds display their incredible forces of power, inside the Spiral however there is calmness. Looking through the telescope, we can see that many galaxies are Spirals. This little book invites you to go on an expedition. First of all, you will discover the origin of the Spiral, then you will be encouraged to experience the Spiral inside yourself and to finally explore the Spirals around you.



36 pages, 42 illustrations
NZ$ 9.95 4.95 € US $4.95
Limited edition
in English or German

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