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Table 1 compares the three best ADSL providers I found for highest download internet speed

WorldxChange stands out in price and performance

Table 1 low cost/ superfast FLS (Full line speed) download and 128Kbps upload



Company/Plan WorldXChange/HSI TelstraClear/Paradise/PDQ Turbo 1G Telecom Broadband Xtra/Basic
Phone no. 0800 149 638 0508 888 800 0800 289 987
Connection type ADSL ADSL ADSL
Monthly cost ($) $39.95 $39 $40
Discounts available None None $10 discount per month for Telecom phone line and calling customers
Equipment costs ($) $100 approx $100 approx $100 approx
Installation cost ($) $99-248 $0-248 $0-248
Download speeds Click for more information Unconstrained Unconstrained Unconstrained
Upload speed 128Kbps 128Kbps 128Kbps
Monthly traffic caps 1GB adjustable 1GB 0.5GB
Excess cost per GB (cents) $1.28/GB or speed reduction
$2.95/1GB pack 2ct/MB
Availability Widely available Widely available Widely available

Customer pays 'Base Cost' and then additional costs of $1.28/GB
cap is adjustable online and you never pay more than what you are actually using. No forced bundling with tolls.

To receive PDQ Broadband must have a phone line or Yak Pak and direct dial calling with Telstra Clear