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New Zealands Cheapest Broadband

I shopped around for quite some time and finally
found New Zealand's cheapest Broadband provider!!!

Upgrading from your dial-up connection to ADSL broadband or changing from your current broadband ISP to save money? This info is good news for you!

Broadband is a high-speed internet connection. With Broadband, also called ADSL, you can use your phone and surf the internet simultaneously. Compared to other countries, broadband plans in New Zealand are still quite expensive. Each broadband provider (ISP) usually offers a variety of options that can be confusing. Be aware that competing companies often use tactics of confusion to take advantage of the uninformed. Knowledge is power that will save you money! So, let's shine some light on the three main criteria you should be looking for when comparing broadband plans.

1. connection speed
2. data allowance
3. stand alone or combined deal with phone line rental

connection speed
Some providers offer artificially reduced transmission speed at a cheaper rate. Don't compromise on full line speed as sooner or later you will regret it.

data allowance
Traffic is what you also pay for. Choose a provider with a flexible data cap, who will not charge you an arm and a leg or reduce line speed until the end of the month when you exceed your data allowance.

stand alone or combined deal with phone line rental
Some ISP's seem to offer cheap specials, however later in the registration process you will find that often these specials involve changing your phone line rental contract and toll call plans over to that company as well and may require a long term subscription of 1 or 2 years. Unless you are planning to do this anyway I would not 'bite into it'. It would be fair practise to be upfront with these requirements and not forcing prospected customers when they are halfway through the registration process.

mobile and naked?
If all your phone communication
is by mobile anyway, there should be no need for you to rent an expensive phone line. Choose a provider that offers this option (often called naked DSL). Naked DSL connection also works for VOIP services where your telephone voice calls are using the broadband line ( so no need to dress up when you use your landline...:)


Taking the above facts into consideration I did some thorough research before I signed up with my current ISP, and here is what I found:

The best ADSL provider offers great and generous plans (prices include GST).

-- HSI, fast unrestricted download connection, adjustable data cap at only $1.28/GB for $39.95

-- Naked DSL no need for a phone line, unrestricted speed, adjust cap at $1.28/GB for $64.95

— Superfast, no artificial compromise in download speed
— Simple data cap adjustment, always a fair deal without speed reduction
— They don't force you into any phone line rental to get the cheap rates
— When you call their helpline, there are real people to answer your call, no time wasting      
      or frustration when you need help!!!

All these facts are absolutely great!



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