How to start a bush fire

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Today I am going down into the valley beyond the cliff. Pepe another guest at Taina's and I are walking together. Halfway down the track we get our crash course on how to start a bush fire... someone had guilelessly lit leaves and branches and left the fire to its fate.



That's where we are going today. I had already discovered a small track that was leading down into the bush towards the coast. I had also heard that there is a, hard to find, loop track.



The vegetation is very dense, but there is a recognizable path most of the time.



From time to time there is a chance to get lost,



but if it comes to the worst, we climb up the trees and take a look...



It's midday, but underneath the thick dark-green canopy it feels like dusk already. From time to time the croaking of a parrot is heard and every now and then we see the large green bird, who is checking us out. The climbing vines are growing fast some trees look like overgrown wanderers, who knows. This is a truly magic forest.



Don't stay in one spot for to long, that's the trick to overcome the fast growing vegetation...



We finally made it down to the beach and found a sheltered pool, deep enough for a dip and still sheltered from the rough sea. We spend some time here in this wild untouched landscape. Will we find the track up on the other side?



The ascending track is less steep, but in deed very hard to find. On the last bit we face a steep cliff(7m vertical) and we are not sure if this really takes us anywhere... Finally we reach the summit again and walked through a vanilla plantation back to the lookout track.



After this successful hike we arrive again at the lookout. Looking down on the forest. That feels good!
The local tourist guide is quite impressed that we found the loop track and he asks us to walk it again with him in the next days...
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