Samoa 2003

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My first bus trip into the surroundings of Apia took me to a place with an old church. This place is called Piula and it has a very pleasant atmosphere. The church is a church college and was built above a cave with a spring inside, which provides an abundant flow of fresh, cool and extremely clear water. This water flows into two pools that eventually open up through a stone wall into the sea. The pools are big enough to swim and very inviting too.

This is the view into the bigger part of the grotto, above it you can see the church. The second entrance is to the left, around the corner. It is also possible to dive from one pool into the other through a pitch-dark narrow gap in the cave, says James Bond...

This is the village Piula. Please notice the neatly mowed lawns and the lovely shaped roof of the community building.

A little bit further down the road, there is a waterfall. Here I met some friendly people who wanted to take a photo of me.

I walked a little bit further, but in the ranges I already noticed the upcoming of a nasty thunderstorm. Accompanied by heavy thunder I walked back to the main road.
The next day I succeeded in leaving the gravity of Apia. This is on Upolu's South Coast, where I rented a small Fale for a few days.
Saleapaga Beach, view to the right

and to the left, no pigs in sight...
oh of course, here they are again.
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